Igear MW-01 Spray and MW-02 Rager In Box Images


3rd Party Group, Igear, has updated their Facebook page with some in-box images of their upcoming MW-01 Spray and MW-02 Rager figures. The two figures based on Generation 1 Seapray and Huffer will come in boxes that have a Generation 1 feel to them. Complete with the “grid” look and tech specs as well.

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  1. Trailbreaker77's Avatar Trailbreaker77 says

    I'll have to wait until after Christmas to put my order in for these two.

  2. Transbot90210's Avatar Transbot90210 says

    Ordered, paid for and waiting.

    Beautiful boxes.

    At $15 SHIPPED!!! It will be worth collecting all 8 just for the box set up. Oh and you also get a cool minibot WITH WEAPONS for that $15 SHIPPED as well.

    This just may be the greatest bang for your buck a 3rd party group has offered up so far.

  3. slugslinger2004's Avatar slugslinger2004 says

    Nice! I already ordered Rager but may go ahead and order Spray now.

  4. autobot prowl has no avatar! autobot prowl says

    They REALLY need to start shipping these already! The wait has been long enough!

  5. Noj's Avatar Noj says

    Looks great. The only thing I wish Rager had was a trailer post so you can hook him up to a G1 OP trailer. I'm still looking forward to these.

  6. Stygian360's Avatar Stygian360 says

    Originally Posted by process View Post
    Howsabout some "in-transit" pics?
    LOL...2nd this!!

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