TFC Toys Hercules Structor Pictorial Review


Thanks to 2005 Board member, sodawilly, who has provided us with some pictures and an in-hand review of Structor. Structor is the latest figure to be released from 3rd Party group TFCToys and is based on G1 Constructicon Scrapper. This figure will form the right leg of Hercules.

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  1. sodawilly's Avatar sodawilly says

    Hi everyone,

    I've been sitting on this figure since Saturday, and after a VERY crazy busy weekend, I'm here to provide a very nice in depth review.

    Now from the get go, the big thing I want to mention as I know this is on peoples mind, the scoop is molded green! I was very happy to see this.

    My whole figure is VERY solid, and the ratcheting joints are solid. Some people so far said that their arms were a little floppy..... Not on mine.

    The ratcheting joints on the swivel for the shoulders (black piece with wheels attached) has the perfect tolerances to hold without having the concerns like the ratcheting joints on Heavy Labor (which I know is being corrected).

    Tilting joint at waist is nice and tight and not floppy. Even at the joints for the shoulders there is no floppiness or looseness. I literally have no QC concerns on mine. Before doing the pictures when I got home, I had to dress the figure up just a tad. One big thing I wanted to do was add a symbol inside the scoop, reminiscent of their first appearance in the cartoon episode Heavy Metal War. I also added a symbol on his chest as well.

    There will be a sticker set coming eventually, and I know Craig who does work for Reprolabels has finished the cut lines for the Heavy Labor set, so expect to see that set available soon. =)

    I can't wait for my Dr. Crank to ship in the next couple of days. =) I have no complaints with this figure, and it is a GREAT homage to Scrapper. Probably my favorite bot in the Hercules set so far.


    - Gregg

  2. seali_me's Avatar seali_me says

    So awesome. He's my fave out of the bunch. Seeing the three together. Amazing!

    Can you comment on the joint on Longhaul and Scrapper. Especially on combined mode. That green bit on Long Haul while connected? Such a tiny peg inside huge ratchet.

  3. sodawilly's Avatar sodawilly says

    No concerns whatsoever. Think of the ports on the energon combiners, but reinforced and perfected. NICE solid connection! Nothing to worry about.

    - Gregg

  4. Matty's Avatar Matty says

    Thanks for the review Gregg. I'll have to pick up some extra labels for all of the crew.

  5. megatroptimus's Avatar megatroptimus says

    Got mine this morning, I hate the wiggling shoulder plates, it makes the figure feel cheap. Other than that, cool figure. Visually, my favorite.

  6. Stygian360's Avatar Stygian360 says

    Great pics and thanks for posting your thoughts! I saw the HK video where the guy was yanking on those shoulder joint ratchets pretty hard getting them into and out of position and this had me worried, but it sounds like based on your review this shouldn't be an issue. In fact, already ordered mine from RK and have less concerns now than before I read this thread.

    BTW, on a related topic, does anyone know a good trick for aligning the 'gears' on the feet of Exgraver? I just got mine and had a dickens of a time this weekend trying to align those gears on his feet getting him into vehicle mode. Watched a few YT videos trying to get a feel for it, but it seems to really just be trial and error. Anyone come up with a quick fix and or quick way of getting these lined up and folded inward into tread mode?

  7. Sonscreen's Avatar Sonscreen says

    Thanks for that group shot. Are the Exgraver and Structor detachable cab things roughly the same size?

  8. Kaijumaster's Avatar Kaijumaster says

    I still think he May (Vs. Dr. crank) be the weakest of all 6, but that statment in no way should downplay my AMAZEMENT at him!

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