Transformers Prime Season 2 to Premiere in early 2012


In a recent Q&A on the official Transformers Facebook page, Transformers Prime executive producer Jeff Kline was asked the question of when more Transformers Prime would be heading to our screens. His honest response is that he has been told it would be early 2012 (he figures late January to early February) and not November 28 as previously reported.

Before all of you assume that Hasbro or The Hub misinformed the fandom with the November date, please remember: plans change. We at TFW2005 believe the original plan may have been for this month, but that the complexity of the series and the dedication of all involved to make the best show possible led to the new season being put back.

Some other interesting information is covered in the brief Q&A, including how the cast was chosen (surprisingly Jeff Kline does not consider Starscream as a must-have character, only the other three members of the big four, Optimus Bumblebee and Megatron), plus addressing the subject of Andy Pessoa’s changing voice and his continued role as Raf. Don’t worry – he’s staying on.

Check out the full Q&A on the Transformers Facebook page.

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  1. MaxxieOD's Avatar MaxxieOD says

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    He says season 2 will start next year...huh.

    Janice Anderson asks: My four-year-old Transformers Prime superfan, Jackson, would love to know when Season 2 will begin!

    Jeff Kline: No specific date yet, but keep an eye out for more news soon. We do know it will be "early 2012." Im hoping that means late January or early February, but the truth is that the folks making the series are often so narrow-focusedwith nearly an entire season in various stages of production simultaneouslythat we tend to not be as up-to-speed on scheduling or promotional agendas as you might think!

    Kapricia Arabella asks: Out of the all the characters in the show, which one do you feel is the most like you?

    Jeff Kline: Id like to say that Optimus Prime and I are practically twinsbut that would be overreaching. The truth is, when a writer is crafting an ensemble, he/she often puts a piece of himself or herself in each and every character. Might be a detail of backstory... a goal...a fear... or a quirk. Because, in general, its easier to write dialogue for a character you already have something in common with.

    Jocelyn Simmons asks: I read in a commentary on the upcoming Season Two that Raf voice actor Andy Pessoa's voice is "changing"... If it's true, is he going to be replaced, or are you guys going to roll with the punches and make Raf grow up with him?

    Jeff Kline: Were definitely not going to replace Andy. We love Andy. And were very happy that, despite our best efforts to medically stunt his growth (kidding!), Andy continues to matureand tower over many of us in the production office. Bottom line: Andy is a strong enough actor that he can hit that slightly higher, younger-sounding voice register even when its no longer his normal speaking voice.

    Ben Maddison asks: How important did you feel it was to get back Peter Cullen and Frank Welker for the two iconic rolls they play?

    JK: Everyone here at Prime, and at Hasbro Studios, felt it was vitally important to try to put the band back together. We werent certain either actor would be interested, butthankfullyboth responded to the material and, I suspect, the opportunity to work side-by-side once again.

    Scribble TheAppaloosa Pony asks: With such a huge selection of Transformers to choose from, many of them being fan-favorites, how do you go about selecting which characters get the honor of starring in Transformers Prime?

    Jeff Kline: We knew we wanted to keep our ensemble relatively small, bothfor production reasons and so that we would have the ability to really dig into these characters in a way that only television allows. If I remember correctly, we started with three of the "must-haves" (Optimus, Bumblebee, Megatron), and then tried to surround them with Bots and Cons that complemented rather than duplicated their personalities, attributes and histories. We knew we could never please everyone; each fan has his/her favorites, and the Transformers universe is huge. So we all came at it from the perspective of, "Who will allow us to spin the most story?" vs. "Who has the highest Q Score?"

  2. Thundercrackers has no avatar! Thundercrackers says

    Oh maaaan. thought it was confirmed to start at thanksgiving. Oh well.

    Could we get another word on this?

  3. TrueNomadSkies's Avatar TrueNomadSkies says

    Speaking of which, I thought I saw Peter Cullen in the mall last weekend...

  4. shroobmaster's Avatar shroobmaster says

    As long as that means we'll have less crazy-ass breaks! Remember: the more we wait NOW the less we wait AFTER.

    or something deep like that idk

  5. Rexidus's Avatar Rexidus says

    Disappointed but not surprised. The lack of info on the season was not good news. Plus it seemed odd to end a season less than 2 months before the next season.

    But yes, I desperately hope that when the next season hits there won't be any of those annoying starts/stops. Either go or don't. Don't tease me.

    Also I just had a thought. Isn't early 2012 when the main line toys will be hitting? If so I could see Hasbro deciding to delay and launch both.

  6. janeDoe001 has no avatar! janeDoe001 says

    Scrap! All well, more time for me to memorize all of season 1.

    Kinda bummed season 2's not starting this month though...


  7. Arsenic's Avatar Arsenic says

    (sigh) OK. I will wait, so please promise us that there won't be damn breaks.

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