Maketoys Giant Excavator and Bulldozer Color Images


Maketoys have posted some full color images of the first of their three two packs that together make up their take on Devastator, Giant. This first two pack includes Excavator and Bulldozer, unofficial takes on Scavenger and Bonecrusher. They’re yellow and black decoed in the style of the Generation 2 Constructicons – by account, a giftset release of the six following later may be in Generation 1 colors. Priced at 10,500 yen and standing 15cm tall, they are reportedly due for a December release. Also in this update is artwork of all six Giant members in color – giving an idea of what the remaining four will look like.

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  1. Bountyan's Avatar Bountyan says


    where are the pics?!

    EDIT: Thanks snip312, found them: MT-03



    Long Haul:



    Man, I gotta say, these look great. They homage their G1 characters so well but look Classics updated. Hook is probably my favorite.

  2. Billzilla's Avatar Billzilla says

    I do like way the sculpts turned out, but it's still a pass from me for now.

  3. Acid Wing's Avatar Acid Wing says

    Awesome, but I think I still will be sticking with TFC's Hercules...unless colored protos convince me otherwise.

  4. exclusacon's Avatar exclusacon says

    Long Haul looks like he suffers from Uni Ironhide look down problem...

    But Scrapper is sexy....

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