Another 3rd Party Sixshot in the works?


Thanks to HK-TF we have new images of what appears to be another 3rd Party Sixshot figure. Not to be confused with Mastermind Creation’s Terminus Hexatron figure. Little is currently known about the figure other than the images bare the name “BY-01”. No 3rd Party Group has attached themselves to the project as of yet.

Take a look at the images after the break.

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  1. Hot Shot.'s Avatar Hot Shot. says

    Looks like one of the 6 in. Titaniums. Unless that prototype gets streamlined, the other Sixshot wins.

  2. barrelks's Avatar barrelks says

    Not sure how far along they are, but a little too boxy for my taste. The other one seems to capture the classic look more with a nice updated look.

  3. CZ Hazard's Avatar CZ Hazard says

    I'm massively biased, but with the MMC version as far along as it is, this seems a bit pointless. Also, wow, the legs are rubbish.

  4. RedAlert Rescue has no avatar! RedAlert Rescue says

    Perhaps it's Deluxe size - that might have some merit if you want it to be the same sort of Size as Generations Galvatron/Scourge & Cyclonus.

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