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A fun new commercial for Transformers Prime has begun to air on The Hub. We don’t have a recording of it yet, but it was too brilliant not to mention. The gist is that the commercial features Megatron – in detention! (He was sent there because he has “anger issues”)

Keep your eyes on The Hub to catch this brilliant little commerical for Transformers Prime!

EDIT: Oh hey, look at that. Thanks to TFW member angelus2402004 we now have video of the (very short) commerical.

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  1. Oberoniss's Avatar Oberoniss says

    According to Tumblr, there's a new commercial on the Hub where Megatron is in detention, some guy asks him what he's doing there and Megatron says 'I have "anger issues"'. Has anyone seen or recorded this commercial? I'd love to see it, and so would a whole bunch of other people, I'd bet.

  2. Mako Crab's Avatar Mako Crab says

    Is he doing air quotes around "anger issues"?? LOL!


    What?! The pic got taken down?!

  3. SPLIT LIP's Avatar SPLIT LIP says

    TFPrime Megatron is probably the funnest Megatron since BW. I'm not talking about being comedic or anything, just the shit he gets into, on and off the show.

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