Mastermind Terminus Hexatron In Color


3rd Party group Mastermind Creations has uploaded two color schemes for their upcoming Terminus Hexatron figure to their Facebook page. The group is asking for fans opinions for the figure’s first color scheme. The first image shows Hexatron in a traditional Generation 1 deco titled “Civil War:Format”. The 2nd color scheme called “WWI: Format” is similar to the G1 deco but with more muted colors and a neon glow to certain areas ala War For Cybertron. There are two more decos, “Ghost” and “Shattered”, have not been revealed yet, so keep it here and when new images become available we’ll post them.

What do you think of this figure in his proposed color schemes? Let us know in the discussion thread after the jump.

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  1. skiss's Avatar skiss says

    MC just put on a pic of a colored version of hexatron on FB. Like it if you want to see it in production.

    They also had this on the page labeling it as WW1 format.

  2. Satomiblood's Avatar Satomiblood says

    That looks really nice and not that far off from the Classics Sixshot I envisioned. That same pic looks almost official and something you'd see on the back of a Hasbro box or card.

  3. darksage78 has no avatar! darksage78 says

    Those formats? WWI? Possible repaints down the line? Very cool nonetheless, love all the third party stuff coming out.

  4. encline's Avatar encline says

    well..does this mean I need 7... bot mode, alt modes, in box mode?

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