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2005 Board member and Japan resident Masabon has picked up the new Transformers Generations Volume 2 book and has been gratious enough to share with us some images and info from the book.

  • History of Fortress Maximus
  • History of Unicron
  • A look at Jetwing, Ultimate and Revoltech Optimus Prime
  • Design sketches for Generation 1 Pretenders
  • Design sketches for Masterpiece Optimus Prime and Huffer
  • Design Sketches for an Action Master Arcee
  • A look at the included comic written by Simon Furman and art by Guido Guidi

Lots of good stuff to look and marvel at! Check out all the images Masabon has provided us after the jump!

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  1. Masabon's Avatar Masabon says

    Hello. I obtained TF G Vol.2.I introduce some images. A lot of development documents are placed in this book.

    SKYWARPs spec
    >SKYWARP has ability for short-range teleporting.
    >He is good at a surprise attack and the disturbance tactics.
    >It is a pride of SKYWARP to fly in the sky.
    >He looks down on the person who cannot fly in the sky.
    >He is equipped with SORD WINDER and repeats a charge.

    PS:This magazine did not have the guide of a new magazine mail order.

  2. Masabon's Avatar Masabon says


    >Interview of Tesshō Genda(G1 CONVOY, MOVIE OPTIMUSPRIME)

  3. Masabon's Avatar Masabon says

    >The history of Fortress Maximus

    >The history of UNICRON

    The development charge of UNICRON 25 years ago was Mr.Ono of TAKARA.
    (BOTCON2010 Hall Of Fame)
    Trial product one body and approximately three pairs of reproductions that he was made from one DX size, real size one, real size. He spoke that I prepared for trial manufacture of UNICRON approximately six in total.
    Light & sound gimmick was going to be equipped at first in UNICRON.
    In TAKARA, it was provided VOICE sample of Orson Welles by HASBRO.

    "I am Unicron"
    "Attack planet Earth"

    His VOICE sample did not come out with a toy.
    In UNICRON, a high price became the problem and was not able to release it 25 years ago.

  4. Masabon's Avatar Masabon says

    >TOMY Designer S.HASUI

    Mr.HASUI designed MP-10 CONVOY Ver.2.0. His development document and sketching were placed in the book.
    Mr.HASUI dealt with much STARSCREAM. His nickname is Mr.STARSCREAM.

    Design sketching of Huffer of the MP class was placed in the book.
    Enthusiasm in the MP series of Mr.HASUI is handed down from sketching.

  5. SSR's Avatar SSR says

    that unicron.... omg.

    thanks for sharing this. im also excited to see Misfire and Sixshot there in the comic. a little forshadowing the Generations/unitedwhatever line hopefully.

  6. Cheem The Rup's Avatar Cheem The Rup says

    At all 3rd party brands out there: PLEASE MAKE THAT BWneo Unicron please !!!!

  7. Blitz.'s Avatar Blitz. says

    That unicron is boss I will not stand for anyone questioning its clear glory.... oh and the BW Neo one is ok looking

    Also I swear they have a fortmax section in every book its like saying "hey look at what we will never ever do again... wasn't is awesome... oh you want one? hope you got the moneyz"

  8. Masabon's Avatar Masabon says

    I introduce the design image of the toy which M.SAITO drew later.

  9. Nevermore's Avatar Nevermore says

    I love the old school coloring in that comic.

    Neo Unicron... meh. The only reason he's so glorified is because he never came out. If he were available, everyone would complain about him being a shellformer.

  10. Cheem The Rup's Avatar Cheem The Rup says

    Originally Posted by Nevermore View Post
    Neo Unicron... meh. The only reason he's so glorified is because he never came out. If he were available, everyone would complain about him being a shellformer.
    are u serious ?

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