SDCC 2011 Hisstank Round-Up


G.I. Joe news wasn’t as plentiful as some would like at San Diego Comic-Con 2011. However, Hisstank covered every last drop of G.I. Joe news that came out of the show.

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  1. xZAOx's Avatar xZAOx says

    The guy in the image with this news story has one hell of a rape face going on.

  2. Rodimus Mike's Avatar Rodimus Mike says

    Well wouldn't you too if you was next to 3 Leia Slave Girls.I too am looking like I want to be that guy in the pic with them.HOT HOT HOT I say.

  3. Altimus Prime has no avatar! Altimus Prime says

    Just my opinion, but they shoulda got women who actually have boobs for those outfits.

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