Detailed Images of Human Alliance Soundwave


Check out some more detailed high resolution images of Human Alliance Soundwave from Dark of the Moon, put out for display at San Diego Comic Con 2011. Soundwave will come with Laserbeak and Dylan Gould, and will be released as the third entry in the Dark of the Moon Human Alliance series this October / November. Check out the number plate as well – “SUPERIOR”, as in the famous line, “Soundwave: Superior”.

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  1. Timothy.R's Avatar Timothy.R says

    wow. that soundwave looks absolutely incredibly. i'm so excited for this thing!.

    man he looks so bad ass.

  2. ArtistOfWar59's Avatar ArtistOfWar59 says

    Soundwave is the ONLY human alliance figure I want. He looks badass! Might also get Cannon Force Ironhide for the nostalgia factor. Liking these two figures!

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