Transformers Rescue Bots Official Images


Last but by no means least in this batch of official Hasbro images are the official images of the new young audiences Transformers, Transformers Rescue Bots. These cool kiddie Transformers are going to be the ideal entry-level Transformers to introduce a whole new generation of fans to the franchise. Just check out these images to see for yourself:

Rescue Bots
Heatwave the Fire Bot

Mega Rescue Bots
Heatwave the Fire Bot

Fire Station Prime
Bumblebee Rescue Garage

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  1. Secretcode's Avatar Secretcode says

    The Rescue Bots designs continues to fuel my crazy theory that I have about Bumblebee being the fat kid that the Autobots feel pity for, so they let him hang around on adventures.

  2. IronicHide's Avatar IronicHide says

    These are just adorable.

    Quickly, give me children so that I may buy these things without shame.

    I would also sell a kneecap or kidney for a Nemesis Heatwave repaint with skull patterns and luminous tattoos.

  3. Mospeada's Avatar Mospeada says

    Originally Posted by Stryker055 View Post
    HEATWAVE THE FIRE BOT is the greatest thing ever.
    Haha this. I'm buying one. Also, looks like Heatwave is an Autobot now...I was thinking of the TFCC Decepticon.

  4. SideswipePrime's Avatar SideswipePrime says

    that big heatwave looks pretty cool, i might get it depending on how good the articulation is

  5. xeno's Avatar xeno says

    I can't stop smiling when I see that Bumblebee.... this could be bad.

  6. Obsidian X's Avatar Obsidian X says

    Hmm... The Rescuebots seems to have misunderstood the concept of a firestation. It is not supposed to be on fire.

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