Dark of the Moon Concept Art by Joel Chang and The Aaron Sims Company


Some more Transformers 3 Concept artwork has been posted online! This time out we have the works of Joel Chang and of The Aaron Sims Company.

Joel Chang’s work is all about helping to envisage scenes – if you take a look at his portfolio you might recognise a few key scenes in there such as The Ark on the moon, Shockwave’s entry, and the Decepticons bursting out of the surface of the moon.

The Aaron Sims Company has a mix of this and of character studies. There are some key scenes involving the Driller in there – mostly ones involving it destroying the skyscraper. There’s also some character concepts though, namely a lot of work on the scientist Autobot who would become Que / Wheeljack. These earlier concepts gave him a labcoat look, and one features a monocle! There’s also a concept for Brains in there, and some work on the Dreads.

Check them all out by clicking on the links above.

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  1. Wheeljack_Prime's Avatar Wheeljack_Prime says

    Originally Posted by trex5000 View Post
    blitzwing WTF?
    Obviously a placeholder name meant to obscure in case of a leak.

  2. DecepticonsRule's Avatar DecepticonsRule says

    It looks like they based the Dreads off of recognizable alien characters from other films. Crowbar looks like a Xenomorph, Crankcase is obviously a Predator, and Hatchet looks like... something. I can't place my finger on it, but there is some kind of lion/panther like alien that Hatchet reminds me of.

  3. DecepticonsRule's Avatar DecepticonsRule says

    That shot with Shockwave and the Driller is fantastic. It looks like Joel Chang was primarily responsible for designing the Driller, he's got a bunch of detail shots on his site.

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