TFC Not-Dinobots Combiner In The Works


While still very early on, mock up shots of a Dinosaur based combiner, loosely resembling the Dinobots (or at least their animal-modes), is in the works from TFC Toys.

Check out images of the proposed Combinosaur after the break.

UPDATE: More pictures have come to light of the individual dinos, all from ACToys. There are CAD designs for the T-Rex, Triceratops and Pterodactyl, plus finished renders of the T-Rex. Click here and here for the original sources. 2005 Boards member ki1983ng informs me that these are indeed intended to be third party Dinobots who can combine to form The Beast, but everything is currently still in the planning phase.

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  1. fabexmax's Avatar fabexmax says

    These pics came out of that AC Toys Cat Rescue Team combiner find today. Figured these should have their own thread. Looks Great!

    So looks like the Dinos combine too! Gotta get more info on these!

    More info on these would be appreciated!

    Please do not hotlink - 2005 Staff

    Check out the frontpage post for mirrored images.

  2. ssancho's Avatar ssancho says

    finally the dinobots get a combiner form watch out devastator and bruticus

  3. Satomiblood's Avatar Satomiblood says

    Originally Posted by General Magnus View Post

    It's not that new of a concept (unless you're being sarcastic).

  4. Mechafire has no avatar! Mechafire says

    Well, at least it looks better than this:

    Nah but seriously, it looks pretty sweet.

  5. Bgrngod's Avatar Bgrngod says

    The not-Dinobots name is more than appropriate. Interesting to look at but I can already see I'd never throw money at what this will turn into.

    Most of my interest comes from the individual alt-modes since they look like what the Dinobots might possibly look like if Has/Tak had continued doing them under the Classics line. Other than that, everything else is totally different.

  6. fabexmax's Avatar fabexmax says

    I actually would get these, and display them as the Decepticon Dark Dinobots! Wonder why Megatron never said, ya know what "F*#K the Dinobots, we'll make our own!

  7. deathsheadx's Avatar deathsheadx says


    thats just great. another cool thing i'm probably going to miss out on.

  8. OMEGAPRIME1983's Avatar OMEGAPRIME1983 says

    Originally Posted by blue death View Post
    They look like Dinozaurs
    I was thinking the same thing!

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