Official Images of Revoltech Movie Optimus Prime


Revoltech has updated their catalog pages with new pictures of Transformers Movie Convoy (Optimus Prime) figure images. These are clearer versions of what was seen in the recent magazine scans.

Check out the pictures after the break, or the catalog site (in Japanese) here.

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  1. Tony_Bacala's Avatar Tony_Bacala says

    I'm digging this, and the dual mode kit for some reason. Might have to get one or the other so I have some representation of movie Prime tucked into the shelves somewhere.

  2. Hiraga's Avatar Hiraga says

    DAMN that looks good. I still need to get used to Revoltech joints. The only Revoltech I ever had was the Alien, and although I loved it, I ended up selling it because I could never get the hang of working the joints. He just stayed in his box for most of the time.
    Still, looking forward to getting this.

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