Masterpiece Convoy Version 2 Transformation Video

Check out another video of Masterpiece Convoy Version 2, this time, showing transformation from robot to truck mode!

Are you excited for the all new version of Masterpiece Prime?

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  1. Overhaulimus's Avatar Overhaulimus says

    Very nice, he won't replace my original MP Optimus, but he's a must buy regardless.

  2. Detroa's Avatar Detroa says

    I know it's because it has to store it in the back but I don't like how his gun is super tiny.

  3. Wyvern's Avatar Wyvern says

    That thing looks awesome. Not liking the Autobot logo placement on the trailer though.

  4. Ra88's Avatar Ra88 says

    He looks a lot better in these pics. Nice head too. If this were about $100 cheaper, it'd be far more of a must have.

    Still don't dig the grill though.

  5. panzerjedi's Avatar panzerjedi says

    I'll wait for the Hasbro release this time. I don't wanna $200 test figure - made that mistake with MP-09. =(

  6. Detroa's Avatar Detroa says

    Looks like he has no thumb articulation, another wrong point IMO.

    I'm not saying "I will never buy it" and so but it really looks like MP-01 will stay the true Prime Masterpiece to me.

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