Transformers: Dark Of The Moon – Sam & Carly Opening Scene

Rosie Huntington-Whitely came to the David Letterman Show last night and shared a clip from Transformers: Dark of the Moon. This scene is from the very beginning of the movie where [according to the Adaptation Comic Books] we are introduced to… Oops! Can’t spoil you guys…

Speaking to the press Ms. Rosie who plays Carly Brooks-Spencer* said…
“You had to leave all sense of girliness at the door. I’m a bit of a tomboy anyway. It’s an all-male cast apart from Frances McDormand, who worked on the movie for a few weeks. It was me and the lads,”

Note: Carly Brooks-Spencer is the name found on the Adaptation Novel by Peter David.

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  1. WheelsFTW's Avatar WheelsFTW says

    Just saw a new clip on letterman. Its not really interesting, its just a scene most of us are familiar of. Sam wakes up for his job interview and carly brings him a stuffed bunny in bed for good luck. Sam contradicts carly by saying just the foot is lucky. Then stating that he is just carly's american boy toy. Sorry I don't have the clip I just turned it to letterman and she was already on and getting ready to show the clip, and I didn't have my phone on me. Ill try to find it on youtube.

  2. Starscreamownz's Avatar Starscreamownz says

    Here it is. I recorded it there and was quite underwhelmed. I was hoping for an actiony clip like the last one

  3. That_One:) has no avatar! That_One:) says

    It's nice but if I didn't know otherwise I'd swear it was some other boring romanticy movie with Shia but whatevs

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