Bathing Ape Optimus Prime Exclusive and Transformers x BAPE Shirts Coming


Japanese designer streetwear company, A Bathing Ape (also known as BAPE), will soon rest it’s damn dirty hands on our beloved Transformers franchise. In a listing recently released on the company’s website, we can see there will be an exclusive G1 Optimus Prime redeco as well as a plethora of t-shirts showcasing this collaboration.

The shirts will begin to drop on July 2nd and will be available in several styles, some of which featuring BAPE’s own Baby Milo character ranging from 7,140 Yen to 5,460 Yen. The exclusive Optimus Prime redeco will be available on July 23rd for 7,140 Yen.

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  1. Red leader's Avatar Red leader says

    New Bathing Ape Optimus Prime & T-Shirts coming in July-bapeprime.jpg

    New BAPE Optimus Prime and t-shirts going to ignite the whole trukk not munkey argument all over again

    Check out the Bape site for more info here - BAPE x ?????????

  2. BraveMax's Avatar BraveMax says

    Shirts AND an exclusive G1 Prime version! Wowzers...

    If only they weren't so freaking expensive? The shirts cost as much as the re-issue Prime!

  3. Edgewise's Avatar Edgewise says

    Originally Posted by The Asp View Post
    Has there been a color that Takara hasn't made g1 OP in?
    Orange, Purple, & Gray?

    Red=G1, etc., ML repaint
    Blue=Diaclone Powered Convoy & reissue
    Yellow=Shining UM
    White=UM, ML
    Black=Black Convoy

    This sounded better than the pictures look, so not a must-have for me, though if it's reasonably "easy" to get... maybe...

  4. Methusalen's Avatar Methusalen says

    Originally Posted by process View Post
    G1 Rolling Thunder, eh?
    This was my first thought as well...

  5. Deefuzz's Avatar Deefuzz says

    Ok I need to find out how to get my damn dirty hands on this BAPE stuff now.

    Originally Posted by adconx2 View Post
    can't wait for a jordan prime.
    We've already had a Nike Prime, Megatron, and Ultra Magnus. Probably as close as we will ever get.

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