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[Url=”http://www.fullmetalhero.com/content.php/861-New-Takara-listing-Reveals-Leader-Class-DOTM-DX-Optimus-Prime”]FullMetalHero[/url] received a listing today for DA28 DX Redecoration Optimus Prime Leader, an upcoming figure for the Dark Of The Moon line. This is the 1st time we’ve heard of a stand-alone leader class Optimus Prime figure for that line. Could it have been one of the figures Hasbro withheld from showing at Botcon to avoid spoiling the movie? The listing specifies a redeco, however will this DX release go beyond that, could it be an all new mold or retooled release?

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  1. Mechafire has no avatar! Mechafire says

    Hmm, interesting. Leader? Wonder if it's just the Takara Ultimate Optimus without all the jet stuff.

  2. metrotitan's Avatar metrotitan says

    I dunno. If we get any more leader optimus figures I'm going to have to build an addition onto my house.

  3. Goldlock's Avatar Goldlock says

    Chances are it's just the jetwing...minus the jetwing parts. Hopefully they'll do the buster paint-job for this guy.

  4. Barricade24's Avatar Barricade24 says

    Originally Posted by Detroa View Post
    Hum, Buster deco for Jetwing Prime without Jetwing parts?
    Let's hope so, I would definetly buy that.

  5. Soundwave2's Avatar Soundwave2 says

    my interest is peaked for this. I've waited years to be able to buy the "ultimate" movie Prime figure

  6. process's Avatar process says

    After Buster Prime, it's gonna have to be pretty damn impressive to get me to buy another one.

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