Waspinator wins BotCon 2011 Hall of Fame Fans Choice

Waspinator wins the fans choice awards at the 2011 Transformers hall of fame. More details in a bit!

UPDATE!: Waspinator fans rejoiced as a Beast Wars character won for the second year in the Hall of Fame. And while the lovable bug took top honors, Erector’s montage video stole the show. While other contestants had music video clips, Erector’s video featured numerous Hasbro employees discussing how Erector, one of the most important G1 character as they say, had been pushed out of every Transformers series since 1989.

We saw G2 Erector, designs for Beast Wars Erector (a beaver), Animated Erector who, in season 4, was to be the pants of Devastator, movie Erector, and also featured in Transformers Prime but was removed for Bulkhead as Erector was taking too much screen time away from other characters.

Hasbro went out of their way with a video twice the length of the others and featured actual designs. Erector fans are now demanding Erector-beaver, and Aaron Archer, with a smile, stated “Please don’t make us do this again”.

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  1. hupla's Avatar hupla says

    Yes! Super happy

    You erector guys have my support next year though

  2. Ribieconvoy's Avatar Ribieconvoy says

    Holy crap, I wanted Waspy to win, but thought he'd have no chance against Grimlock and Erector... YES!

  3. Batman's Avatar Batman says

    While my support was for Erector, it is nice that out of all the other choices, he was the one to win.

  4. payton34's Avatar payton34 says


    Oh well, I'm sure Grimlock and/or Shockwave will be locks for next year.

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