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Check out some pics of the Kre-O G1 Optimus Prime Kreon mini figure limited edition Botcon giveaway. At the show, all you had to do was fill out a form with your name and info, which also enters you for a chance to win a deluxe Bumblebee Kre-O set, and they gave you this little guy.

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  1. ORIO's Avatar ORIO says

    They're so cute and fun. Not for me though, if they make a Grimlock one I'll get it though.

    Also, I'd probably just buy little single packs of the little kreons too.

  2. moreprimeland's Avatar moreprimeland says

    They displayed Megs doing the squat..just like they did for Prime..what's with that??? ...hmmm??

    Okay, in addition to Prime, I will add Prowl, Ratchet and Jazz. These guys are pretty awesome!! The more I've seen of them the better they look.

  3. BenjaminXavier has no avatar! BenjaminXavier says

    After finally getting a good look at the "minifigs" it appears that there are heads and "helmets" just like Lego Minifigs, which make them all that much more awesome for cross-customs in making sci-fi lego dudes.

  4. TheTFReview's Avatar TheTFReview says

    I'll definitely have to get one of these freebies tomorrow! They are so cute.

  5. caitlindevi's Avatar caitlindevi says

    As much as I'd like the mini bots its just not Lego.

    Ask any Kid if they'd like Lego or Megablocks and they'll say Lego...Its going to be just the same with Kreo no matter what brand is slapped onto it.

    "Hey, do you want an the New iPod or this Transformers branded iMp3 player?"

    If they had joined forces with Lego We could have had Lego Transformers the Video Game....and you know how awesome the Lego Games are.

    And Doe Kre-o actually mean anything (Lego translates as Play well) or is it just some weird mix up on Kreate-os with 'street' spelling and letters close to Lego to confuse grandparents in toystores?

  6. Kraken's Avatar Kraken says

    Still say they should've called them Has-Blocks...

    They do look quite frickin' awesome though. If only I was 8 again *sigh*

  7. jerminator's Avatar jerminator says

    Oh man...feel sorry for the Seeker Kreon fans...since we gotta buy Starscream, Sentinel Prime, and the big trailer version Optimus to get the big three.

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