US Edition Masterpiece Rodimus Prime Revealed


Thanks to[/url], an offshoot of the Ozformers Forums, we have our first look at Masterpiece Rodimus Prime from HASBRO. The figure is in robot mode, in the previous box stylings for the seekers and Grimlock. No trailer is seen, but it comes with a new deco and an exclusive Targetmaster. According to a sticker on the box, the figure will be a Toys R Us Exclusive. Check out the pic in the full story!

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  1. BraveMax's Avatar BraveMax says

    EDIT: Works now.

    Too bad the only part of this I want is the Targetmaster...

  2. General Tekno's Avatar General Tekno says

    I've got the original release, and it looks like I'll be getting this one too for the new deco/Targetmaster.

    Somebody please let Protoman know his wallet's gonna get raped again.

    EDIT: Hold up a sec..... that's not MP Rodimus' Matrix there, is it? If memory serves, his is smaller, AND this one has the joints to open!

    Looks like he has the MP Prime Matrix to me.

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