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Entertainment Earth has updated with even more images of some upcoming Transformers releases – this time out, we have official images of the Rescue Bots humans. The assortment of the six humans includes characters such as Billy Blastoff, the Burns brothers Charlie and Cody, and more. They are the human partners to the Transformers as featured in the upcoming Rescue Bots toyline.

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  1. ORIO's Avatar ORIO says

    Originally Posted by Transbot90210 View Post
    I was looking forward to seeing actual transformers.
    Sorry. Can a mod adjust the title to avoid further disappointment?

  2. Snoopy Magnus's Avatar Snoopy Magnus says

    um...... well..... hmmm..... okay, at least we see an autobot logo on it

  3. samtastic has no avatar! samtastic says

    Yucky! You ended my favorite line, Robot Heroes for this Bunk???!!!

    I really, really REALLY wanted a RH Movie Sentinel Prime and Shockwave

    Hasbro, you just took the bro out of Hasbro.

  4. Superquad7's Avatar Superquad7 says

    Originally Posted by McBradders View Post
    Those look so cool!
    My thoughts exactly. It's like Human Alliance meets Action Masters for lil' tikes

  5. Facemeat's Avatar Facemeat says

    Other than the Autobot logos, what do these things have to do with Transformers at all? They're just Rescue Heroes ripoffs with non-transformable about cashing in.

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