Gallery Update – Animated Activators Ramjet and Skywarp


We’ve got one more gallery update for you before Botcon 2011 kicks off – and in the spirit of the event, it’s a Transformers Animated themed update! You undoubtedly saw earlier that Marcelo will have a print of the Starscream clone army available at Botcon – well here for your enjoyment are toys of two of the clones. These guys were only released in Japan through a Family Mart lottery draw, so they are very rare, especially Ramjet who was a mail away prize in exchange for non-winning tickets.

First up is Animated Activators Skywarp, the “C” Prize of the Family Mart prize draw. Bizarrely he’s got a purple head in this iteration, although it does suit him and nicely break up all that black. He’s a fun deco, and with the Activators of Starscream and Thundercracker, he rounds out the trio of the original Seekers in at least one size class for Animated.

Next up is Animated Activators Ramjet. Ramjet was the “second chance” prize, redeemable by sending in tickets for the lowest ranked items in the prize draw. This makes him the hardest of the Activators Seekers to get hold of, even harder than Dirge, but take a look at the gallery and you’ll see he is well worth it.

Give mad props to 2005 Boards Photo Staff member SydneyY for bringing you these two galleries of awesome rare Animated goodness – and be sure to join us after Botcon for even more Animated goodness, when we share with you pictures of the convention exclusive toys in all their glory.

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  1. Sideways77's Avatar Sideways77 says

    Those are some nice shots.

    I just wish they'd make Acivators Sunstorm, Thrust, and Slipstream. Just to finish off the Seekers.

  2. wolfe's Avatar wolfe says

    Nicely done. I picked up the skywarp because i loved the look of it.

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