Auto Assembly 2010 Script Reading Video

Auto Assembly have uploaded their 2010 script reading to Youtube! This special Beast Wars era story was written by Simon Furman, and featured the vocal talents of Nick Roche as Megatron, Simon Williams, Gary Chalk, Scott McNeil and 2005 Boards member Black Oracle as Blackarachnia! Check out the video below, and stay tuned for more news about Auto Assembly on 21 May when there will be an announcement that is so huge, it will change Auto Assembly “forever”!

For now, enjoy another awesome script reading session Auto Assembly style:

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  1. Simes has no avatar! Simes says

    Following the successful release of our Script Reading video on Youtube a few days ago from our 2009 convention, we are now please to announce that we have released the full unedited video from the Auto Assembly 2010 Script Reading from last year's convention!

    The second in our now regular series of convention activities that forms a pivotal role as part of our Saturday evening programme of activities, the Auto Assembly 2010 script was a 30 minute original Beast Wars story written again by Simon Furman and starred our guests of honour Garry Chalk and Scott McNeil. Supporting them were IDW artist and writer Nick Roche and Titan / Panini / Marvel UK artist Simon Williams. The cast was rounded off by fans who auditioned for the remaining parts.

    This new video, presented in high definition, can be found here:- YouTube - Auto Assembly 2010 Official Footage Part 009 - Script Reading

    This is the latest video in a series of official footage from Auto Assembly 2010 that we have uploaded to Youtube. Previous videos have included our Cosplay Competition, highlights from our Karaoke (including a performance by Scott McNeil) and inteviews with several guests. All of these can also be found on our channel.

    As we have said before, if you are considering attending Auto Assembly 2011, this and the 2009 Script Reading also featured on our channel are great ways to get a teaser for what you can expect from our 2011 script! Again, Simon Furman is at the helm and David Kaye and Gregg Berger are both confirmed to take starring roles. Who else will be performing? You'll have to come along to find out...!

    More convention footage will be uploaded shortly including panels from Auto Assembly 2009 and 2010, and Garry Chalk's acoustic concert from Auto Assembly 2010! We also have more massive announcements and news videos coming soon so keep an eye out for our next video shortly including our next guest update...

    Tickets for Auto Assembly 2011 are available now from our website. Ticket prices are 50 for adults and 38 for children, students and senior citizens, with under 5s admitted free. One day tickets are available for the Saturday or Sunday (although these will NOT get you into the Friday or Saturday evening programmes) and these cost 30 for adults, 21 for children, students or senior citizens and under 5's as always are free. Family tickets will be available shortly.

    The convention is taking place over the weekend of 12th - 14th August 2011 at the Holiday Inn Birmingham City Centre, Birmingham, England. Tickets for Auto Assembly 2012 will go on sale later this year.

    For more details on the convention, to see a full list of all the guests and activities taking place over the weekend, or to book your tickets, visit the website at Auto Assembly

    We hope to see you all in August!

    The Auto Assembly 2011 Team

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    Tel: +44 (0)7860 948296

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  2. Victory Liner's Avatar Victory Liner says

    That was so funny Scott is great

    Gary Chalk has a beautiful voice he can calm anyone with his voice I shared an elivator with him last years AA

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