Next Transformers: Dark Of The Moon Trailer Receives An Exact Date And Time


Mr. Nelson Lauren, administrator of Michael Bay Official Website announced the exact date and time for the next Transformers: Dark of the Moon Trailer.

Previously Mr. Bay himself announced that we’ll see the next Transformers 3 trailer with Fast Five. However exact date and time was not revealed.

Nelson left a comment stating…
“Fast 5 [will] be in theaters April 29.
The TF3 trailer will be available on Apple Trailers on 7PM (Eastern Time) on April 28th.”

So, there you have it… 7PM Eastern Time on April 28, 2011 it is.

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  1. DrLee's Avatar DrLee says

    Staff Update 20/04/2011: Upcoming Transformers: Dark Of The Moon Trailer Running-Time Revealed

    in answering a question on production being delayed Bay posted this on SFTE, note the last bit...

    Originally Posted by michaelbay View Post
    The post process is going very well - way better then ROTF. We have massive shots but we got going 6 months earlier on this film then the last. We jump very hard and fast on post in this film.

    It really is looking special. The 3D will the best 3D of any movie this year.


    Our trailer comes out next week on Fast and a bunch of other stuff. 3D trailer comes out on the next 3D movie out which is Pirates.

  2. Auto Morph's Avatar Auto Morph says

    Originally Posted by Rogzilla View Post
    But F5 comes out in two release first?
    Yeah, I would say so. It'll be up on Bay's site before a copy even reaches a cinema.

  3. sharpy39's Avatar sharpy39 says

    He did say next week, so I'm guessing a Friday? Then the following Friday in cinemas alongside Fast Five.

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