Official Product Description Of Transformers: Dark Of The Moon Novelization


We have with us the Official Product Description of Transformers: Dark of the Moon Novelization by Peter David.

It’s a teeny-tiny bit spoilerish… So, you’ll have to read it after the jump.

With over 400 pages, the novel is set to release on 24th May, 2011.

We are still waiting for the Cover Page. Spoilers:

Product Description


All humankind was watching that fateful day in 1969. But only a handful knew the real mission behind America’s triumph in space. Now the treacherous Decepticons have set their sights on unearthing government secrets. The only hope of averting a crisis rests on the Autobots—yet who knows what remains in the shadows, hidden from man and machine? About the Author

Peter David’s novels include the fantasies Tigerheart, Sir Apropos of Nothing, The Woad to Wuin, and Knight Life, and the quirky werewolf story Howling Mad. He is famous for writing some of the most popular original Star Trek: The Next Generation novels, including Imzadi and A Rock and a Hard Place, as well as the official novels of the movies Iron Man, Spider-Man, and The Incredible Hulk. He has written just about every famous comic book superhero, including Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, and the futuristic Spider-Man 2099, and has scripted the bestselling Gunslinger Born graphic adaptation of the acclaimed Stephen King Dark Tower series. He collaborated with J. Michael Straczynski on the Babylon 5 novels and comic book series, and with Bill Mumy he created the Nickelodeon television series Space Cases. In his spare time, he writes movie screenplays, children’s books, and TV scripts.

Product Details

Mass Market Paperback: 400 pages
Publisher: Del Rey
Release Date: May 24, 2011
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0345529154
ISBN-13: 978-0345529152

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  1. Scorpion has no avatar! Scorpion says

    while movie novelizations usually suck...Peter David is awesome!

  2. Primeconvoy1's Avatar Primeconvoy1 says

    Huge fan of Peter David going all the way back to his works on the Incredible Hulk, X-Factor comics, & Star Trek novels. I'm going to have to pick up his adaptation of TF3.

  3. General Tekno's Avatar General Tekno says

    I've read some of Peter David's other novelizations - they're usually decent. Better than Alan Dean Foster at the very least.

    But yeah - David has a large body of well-regarded work in both the comic book AND prose realm. I have high hopes.

  4. grayman's Avatar grayman says

    Wow, I didn't know that there were so many Peter David fans in the Transformers community. You can add me to the list. If he wrote it I'll read it. Here's hoping that Hasbro notices this and hires him to write some original Transformers stories.

  5. Optimus Clyde's Avatar Optimus Clyde says

    Wow! Just now noticed this thread because I've been buried in reading the trailer discussions. All I can say is THANK! GOD! Though I don't like to talk badly about anybody that contributes to the world of Transformers, Alan Dean Foster is the LAST writer I would have picked for the novelizations. I appreciate his contribution, but not sad to see David step in. Been a big fan ever since his work on Hulk and X-factor in the 90's. Can't wait!

  6. ectoneon's Avatar ectoneon says

    I Kind of curious to read the novelization now. The other two were ok, but they were more straight play by plays of the movie. Wasted opportunity if you ask me. Movie novels have a great chance to expand the universe a bit more. Nothing against Alan Dean foster, I've read plenty of his stuff in my day, but the movie novels seemed to be missing something. Especially Rotf one. It didn't capture any sense of excitment for me. The prequel novels were slightly better, but I'm pretty hopefull for this one now.

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