Closer Look At Transformers: Dark Of The Moon Laserbeak Toy


ACToys has posted some up-close images of Transformers: Dark of the Moon Laserbeak; minion to Soundwave.

The toy comes with retractable wings and TFW2005 members speculate that from the looks, it is as if the toy has a vehicle form after all.

We’ve seen him thanks to the Superbowl spot and hopefully will have a role similar as Ravage (ROTF).

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  1. grayman's Avatar grayman says

    Well, the vehicle mode looks ok to me. I'll display him that way, since his beast face is one that only a mother decepticon could love. I wish that his feet were better hidden in vehicle mode. maybe when the guns are added under the wing the feet won't look so bad.

  2. Dirge121's Avatar Dirge121 says

    I actually sort of want this. I think it looks horrible in both modes, but thats why I want it.

    I've never before seen a bird transformer that has such a resemblance to The Giant Claw, and that makes this guy fantastic.

  3. TornadoQuakeX's Avatar TornadoQuakeX says

    Finally, a close-up of his head. Looks cool. Kinda expected something bizarre looking, after seeing Ravage. I might get this guy, if not to just sit next to Ravage and any DotM Soundwave that may come out(HA?).

  4. Barricade24's Avatar Barricade24 says

    Okay better. Still not sure on this guy I'll wait and see if a better version shows its self before buying.

  5. Opticron Primal's Avatar Opticron Primal says

    He DOES look like The Giant Claw.....

    Also, vehicle mode out of the 3 main beast-formers is the best of the bunch. Not saying much, but alteast when you look at it it looks like a gunship (I know that's probably not what it's called, but it's the only thing that popped into my head.)

  6. OmarJT82's Avatar OmarJT82 says

    I guess this blows away my assumption that Laserbeak's alt mode would be a all-terrain walker vehicle like Animated Spittor.

    The photos (much more better that the previous ones of him) clearly show that is alt mode is some type of hovercraft.

  7. Ra88's Avatar Ra88 says

    ...Erm...At least he has an actual altmode, unlike Ravage? I suppose?

  8. astrakhan has no avatar! astrakhan says

    It transforms from the Sigma Six Dragonhawk into The Giant Claw. Excellent.

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