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TFW2005 Staff Member Seth Buzzard (of WTF @ TFW Podcast fame) was able to attend a quick meet and greet at the Game Developers Conference last week where he was able to see the upcoming Transformers Dark of the Moon – The Game by Activision and High Moon Studios. It was early, and brief, but he was able to relay some quick thoughts on the game.

Read on to check out all of of Seth’s thoughts and check some new screen shots!

Transformers Dark of the Moon – The Game is due out on PS3, Xbox360, Wii, NDS and 3DS this June. Pre-Order your copy today! From Seth Buzzard:

[INDENT]On March 2nd at the Game Developers Conference I was able to see a demo presentation of the upcoming video game based on Transformers: Dark of the Moon game for Xbox 360 and PS3.

The game does not yet have a release date but it is planned to come out just before the movie.

The game will not attempt to retell the plot of the film but will be prolog filling in some of the gaps between Revenge of the Fallen and Dark of the Moon. One example is Megatron still has his alien tank form but will change into the form seen in Dark of the Moon at some point in the game.

Stealth Force is no longer just a sub-line of toys. Both the name and the concept are used in the game and movie.

If you played Transformers War For Cyberton, game play will be familiar. Vehicle modes look to work the same way as War For Cyberton. Like WFC’s hover mode the cars can move in any direction allowing the them to “strafe” side to side. Also in this mode weapons are viable on the vehicles. This mode is referred to as Stealth Force. Fitting as the cars to resemble the concept of the toys of the same name. Also like in WFC when you accelerate your vehicle becomes sleeker and your weapons are unavailable; the cars and trucks in DotM hide away their guns and look and move like normal vehicles.

Unlike WFC you will not select from three characters at the start of a level. The game makers chose to give you spastic characters for each level in-order to craft a more focused story.

Not all the playable characters where shown. The playable characters we did see where Bumblebee, Ironhide, Starscream, Soundwave (who is now no longer a satellite but an SUV) Megatron and as a little surprise Laserbeak. Laserbeak was shown to be playable during Soundwave’s level, being deployed to fly ahead and accomplish goals Soundwave unable to do himself.

Characters that were seen or heard as playable but not shown include Optimus Prime, Ratchet, Mixmaster and Stratosphere. We did not see Stratosphere’s robot mode but he is the same cargo jet he was as a toy. That’s not to say none of these character won’t be playable, they just didn’t show us.

Locations for levels shown where outdoors South American Wilderness, the city of Detroit under attack and several indoor bases.

We were told the game will have a multi-player mode but they were not prepared at the time to show us or give any more details on it.

My own personal opinion on what I saw are that the games visuals look to be improved over War For Cyberton and seeing that it uses a similar control scheme leads me to believe this game will be at least on par with WFC if not better and that’s more than most movie based games can say.[/INDENT]

General Game Info:
[INDENT]The Transformers: Dark of the Moon game allows players to fight through the epic battles on Earth that will shape the events of the upcoming film. Armed with a brand-new gameplay mechanic, fans will harness the power of Stealth Force to instantly convert to a third, hybrid state that combines the weapons and firepower of robot mode with the agility and maneuverability of vehicle mode. Set in unique environments around the world such as the Jungles of South America, Siberian military facilities, Detroit Cityscapes and more, the game lets players assume the roles of a diverse roster of everyone’s favorite TRANSFORMERS from the movie through a heart-pounding campaign to save mankind. Additionally, fans can play the game with or against their friends through intense, online multiplayer game modes as their favorite iconic characters.

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  1. Kraken's Avatar Kraken says

    Unlike WFC you will not select from three characters at the start of a level. The game makers chose to give you spastic characters for each level in-order to craft a more focused story.
    Let's not start that nonsense again please

  2. Waveride's Avatar Waveride says

    Now that looks much better there. Though is it me or do they always seem to use a blur effect on outside scenes/shots?

  3. blackout501st's Avatar blackout501st says

    i personally was hoping that soundwave would stick to something that flys, but no biggie. its still soundwave after all. and besides, playing as laserbeak? AWESOME.

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