Empire Magazine Features Sentinel Prime And Optimus Prime From Transformers: Dark Of The Moon


TFW2005 Boards Member Shockwaved brings us scans from the latest Empire Magazine (April 2011). Guess who’s on the cover… It’s Sentinel Prime and the “all-newOptimus Prime.

Inside the magazine (who once praised this very site for uncovering the Title of Transformers 3) are some scenes from the movie and Spoilers.

Take a look at the images (big thanks, Shockwaved) and spoilers (Thanks to knook), After the jump.

Update: Member TheSpacebridge has sent us a couple of High Resolution Scans from the images inside. Thank You, Sir!

Michael Bay’s Transformers: Dark of the Moon will hit theaters on 1st of July, 2011.
Thanks to knook, in his own words…

Does and Don’ts for TF3:
1. No sand
2. No “dorky” humor (“we wanted to make the movie much more serious, more adult)
3. When robots die, they’re really going to die and we’re gonna show that
4. We’re not bringing people back
5. Give the robots more ‘weight’ in the story (“They were missed in movie two. We’ve given them a strong back-story and pathos”)

Sentinel Prime is “A big brother and mentor to Optimus Prime”

The Ferrari is a ‘Con who (Michael) bay is dubbing as ‘Dreadbox’

New companions for Starscream, Shockwave and the rest

“The scale on one of them is jawdropping” – “It will be ‘what the Hell was that thing?”

Apollo 11 ‘incident’ show in the teaser is government secret

No army for this, Chicago is left up to the ‘Bots but some heroes sneak in through the back-door so to speak

The human gliders are used because they slip under the ‘Con radar – as do humans – so they’ll be the people who can hammer it to the ‘Cons and create an opening for the ‘Bots

Kudos Guys!

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  1. Shockwaved's Avatar Shockwaved says

    Just realised the latest copy of Empire Magazine had arrived and imagine my suprise to find Sentinel and Optimus on the cover.

  2. Mechafire has no avatar! Mechafire says

    Digging the gun Optimus has. Sentinel looks pretty awesome as well.

  3. harrismonkey's Avatar harrismonkey says


    Is there more inside? The only thing that looks different there with "all new Optimus" is his gun.

  4. Brave Magnus's Avatar Brave Magnus says

    I cant tell the difference from this render of Optimus from the previous 2 movies.
    Sentinel made my head explode.

  5. knook's Avatar knook says

    Those aren't renders but cut from an image of the film, the image shows Optimus and Sentinel in a city and both appear quite damaged.

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