Dark of the Moon Wrecker Autobot Top Spin Pictures and Review


2005 Boards member and expert customiser frenzy_rumble has shared with us some excellent new images of the Dark of the Moon Wrecker, Autobot Top Spin. Top Spin is the blue Lowes Nascar who spots a mullet in robot mode, and a virtual arsenal of weaponry in his vehicle mode. He tops all this off with a simple and intuitive looking transformation that none the less gives him a very dynamic look in both modes. You can see step by step images of this transformation – and both robot and vehicle mode pictures – by reading on!

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  1. frenzyrumble has no avatar! frenzyrumble says

    Just got him in... he's fantastic. the head might take some getting used to, but overall a great figure. tons of articulation and detail. Impressive alt mode.

    Points of articulation :

    • Head on ball joint
    • Shoulders ball joint
    • Bicep swivel joint
    • elbows
    • claws open (slightly)
    • waist articulated
    • hips on ball joints
    • knees double jointed/hinged
    • feet on ball joints
    • hinge + ball joint on backpack kibble

  2. Spartan Prime's Avatar Spartan Prime says

    Dayumn. That's pretty wicked looking... I was hoping I could save some money by skipping the DotM figures, but I may have to cave...

  3. CyrDraconis has no avatar! CyrDraconis says

    Sweet. I've been very underwhelmed with the majority of the DOTM line so far, but the Wreckers are floating my boat big time.

  4. mechunter has no avatar! mechunter says

    I know that head reminds me of something, but I can't place it (can't we just give the robots more generic heads instead of stereotypes?)

  5. Rogzilla's Avatar Rogzilla says

    I've been really impressed by the overall small backpacks (Crankcase and Roadbuster being exceptions) and increase in articulation in this line. I can't wait for the figures!

  6. Brave Magnus's Avatar Brave Magnus says

    There are 2 things i can say after seeing these pictures:

    1-He is smiling.
    2-He has a Bumblebee face as torso.

    REally nice mold and for what you are telling us its VERY articulated. I like that a lot. Thanks for the gallery, its awesome.

  7. Gilgamesh's Avatar Gilgamesh says

    Judging by his transformation, I'm guessing it's a pretty tall deluxe?

  8. Quixote_Prime's Avatar Quixote_Prime says

    Brilliant photos and an informative review!

    Helped me decide to pass on this one. So far the only Wrecker of interest to me is Roadbuster.

  9. siksky1's Avatar siksky1 says

    looks like he will be a fun custom!....but I dont really like his head

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