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Some significantly better photos of the upcoming Generations Warpath have been posted on Ebay by Ebay user cle10177. These images for the first time show Warpath in both modes, correctly transformed and in a decently high resolution to properly appreciate the robot’s design. Warpath is looking very faithful to the spirit of his past toys – all two of them – and his past non-toy releases as well – all two additional ones of those. What is nice to see is he appears to be taking everything that worked well from the outstanding Legends Class release, and adding some more bulk and definition to areas like the arms in this version. There’s also a pleasing abundance of 3mm clips to plug in additional weapons if you so choose.

Click on the link above to see the original auction or – BLAM! – read on for our mirror of the images.

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  1. oehtam's Avatar oehtam says

    just posted this on the other thread, thought I'd start a new one so everyone can see!

    someone in China just listed it on ebay link

  2. Bumblethumper's Avatar Bumblethumper says

    Okay, now that looks good.

    They got the plastic colour dead right. Looks quality.

  3. bellpeppers's Avatar bellpeppers says

    Freaking awesome!!!
    Dig the bot mode... still don't like the "H"-tank (to those whome this bothers- get over it)


  4. Brainchild's Avatar Brainchild says

    Wow, these pictures actually make him look really, really good. But something is telling me he'll be one of the smaller deluxes.

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