Botcon 2011 Wildrider Revealed


After being teased all week, this is the Botcon 2011 news you’ve been waiting for! Wildrider, the fourth member of the Stunticons is revealed in all his glory, complete with new deco and remolded head. He uses the Blazing Lockdown variation of the Lockdown mold, which means he has the chainsaw accessory in addition to all the other good stuff.

As an added treat, we share with you a rumored possible lineup of Botcon exclusives, courtesy of boards member Mach. Since he posted this rumor over a week ago, he has been right on the money about two of the Stunticons, Drag Strip and Wildrider, so take it as you will. For those of you who don’t want to know what the other molds are, stop reading now! Otherwise, read on and join in the speculation…

Mach;5673031 wrote:
Possible remaining figures of Botcon 2011….. Just a rumuor, you dont need to believe it….

But no wonder i heard purple colour Optimus Prime, Toxitron huh…. hmmnn…

Wildrider – Lockdown w/ remould
Dragstrip – Arcee no remould “Dragstrip”
Motormaster – V Prime w/ remould

Toxitron – V Prime w/o remould


Autoroopters – Ironhide w/ remould


G2 Animated Sideswipe – Botcon A-Deadend
SG Galvatron – Evac w/c remould
Ironfist – Ironhide w/ remould
Action Master Thundercracker – Thundercracker

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  1. Opticron Primal's Avatar Opticron Primal says

    Dead End has that awesome mustache goatee combo going on there.

  2. Angelwave's Avatar Angelwave says

    Holy hell....I think the world will collapse on itself in a few minutes.

    I do like Dead End's stache.

  3. blue death's Avatar blue death says


    Not that its particularly exciting about there being Stunticons. But seeing the actual physical reality of new Animated toys, repaints or otherwise, makes me giddy as a schoolgirl.

  4. RageTreb's Avatar RageTreb says

    They're Animated. Could be based on Kiss Players for all I care and I'd still buy them all.

    But Stunticons are awesome.

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