Dark of the Moon Deluxe Roadbuster Video Review

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  1. Opticron Primal's Avatar Opticron Primal says

    You know what? I'll say it right now: I absolutely LOVE that head. It just kinda.....fits. We've seen bots in other continuity with cap-shaped helmets, so it doesn't really bother me all that much.

    Bot mode and car mode both look really nice. Also like that the cars seem to have spring-loaded mechtech ports to eliminate any unsightly holes that most people were moaning about.

  2. Swoop Dogg's Avatar Swoop Dogg says

    Thanks for the review!

    So far, the Wreckers are the only thing on my "must have" list for the new movie line.

  3. AutoBobby's Avatar AutoBobby says

    As a huge Dale Earnhardt Jr. fan,I'll be getting two of these.One for robot mode and one to keep as the race car.

  4. caitlindevi's Avatar caitlindevi says

    mega underbite....kinda like Beavis

    ..wait...aw no...Mike Judge isn't doing any voices is he?

  5. Houndvoice's Avatar Houndvoice says

    Is anyone else seeing the Michelin man on the lower half of that head...?

  6. Tiller's Avatar Tiller says

    That back kibble is worse than any twin head and kinda ruins it for me. The actual head on it at least looks decent with the visor.

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