Transformers: Prime Deluxe Starscream Toy Revealed


It was only couple of hours ago we saw Transformers: Prime Deluxe Arcee. On that article it was mentioned that Bumblebee and Starscream will make an appearance as toys as well. Here’s Starscream thanks to UGO.

Inspired by the new hit animated TV series Transformers Prime, an all-new assortment of Transformers action figures will be released this Fall to coincide with the series. Along with Starscream, Hasbro will also release fan favorites such as Bumblebee and Arcee. These one of a kind figures will be made available for purchase on October 11, 2011 for an approximate retail price of $11.99.

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  1. exomega255 has no avatar! exomega255 says

    I like the sleekness! I am not too fond of Prime's starscream model, but the toy's certainly done pretty good.

  2. Peaugh's Avatar Peaugh says

    NICE! If you Right-Click -> View Image you get the full size pics. I love Starscream's skull chest.

  3. slugslinger2004's Avatar slugslinger2004 says

    So far the Prime toys look pretty accurate! I shouldn't be surprised, given what we got in Animated but I will say they all look great.

  4. Brave Magnus's Avatar Brave Magnus says

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Perfect!! I am so getting that one too! Hm..i am starting to think that all i will save with DOTM i will spend it in TfP toys. XD

  5. exomega255 has no avatar! exomega255 says

    btw, I think I love the Arcee mold a lot more. Probably because for Starscream you have tons of choices, and Arcee we get few and far in btwn, but the missiles of this Starscream seems to stick out a little more than I would like. The picture doesn't really show how much though.

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