BotCon 2011 Choose The Next Animated Stunticon TFW2005 Poll


Let’s vote today! BotCon told us via their official Twitter feed that our members can choose the next BotCon 2011 Animated Stunticon Reveal.

Our members can participate and discuss on the Poll we have created for you and have fun with it.

You can vote for Wildrider OR Dragstrip!

You have to be a TFW2005 Member in order to participate in this poll. If you are still not a member, come on… join the fun with the rest of the members by becoming one.

is the last BotCon 2011 figure to be revealed[/URL]… but for now… YOU will decide who you want to see revealed, Next Thursday!

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  1. chrisr291's Avatar chrisr291 says

    Originally Posted by whoamidri View Post
    dragstrip all the way

  2. metrotitan's Avatar metrotitan says

    Originally Posted by Insane Galvatron View Post
    Dragstrip! I wanna see if they use Lockdown or not.
    agreed (since motor master isn't a choice......poop)

  3. Sage o' G-fruit's Avatar Sage o' G-fruit says

    Wildrider. I like watching all the suspense over Drag Strip.

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