BTS Toys Custom Soundwave may be in the works


Some cryptic images have surfaced of BTS Toys next release, BTS-04. The alternate mode silhouette was posted previously on their last release, but what we have this time is a shadowy picture of that alternate mode and a silhouette of the robot mode. Yes, BTS has graduated from accessory kits to making full scale Transformers! The eagle-eyed among you figured out that this is a take on the MP3 player Soundwave designed by Guido Guidi for All Hail Megatron (scan from Guido’s Deviant Art account is attached to this story, cheers to Greenscream for linking us to it). How will it measure up to the impressively high benchmark set by other third party groups like FansProject? Only time will tell! For now, check out these images.

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  1. Hound2501's Avatar Hound2501 says

    BTS Toys released the following teaser images for their upcoming new release. Looks like we're getting an updated design on the cassette player mode

    New images, robot mode together with G1 cassettes:

  2. ThaConqueror's Avatar ThaConqueror says

    Looks like they're using the unused All Hail Megatron design, based off the altmode. Me likee.

  3. Anguirus's Avatar Anguirus says

    Ambitious! Hopefully this is better-timed than the Reflector releases that are flying at us.

    Don't feel a need for an unofficial product with Cybertronian Soundwave around, but I'll certainly follow this project with interest. If by some miracle they offer a high-quality figure for a bargain price (not ragging on them, it's just that this is REALLY HARD) I'll take another look.

  4. Shadowbreaker has no avatar! Shadowbreaker says

    My dream has come true!

    I've always wanted this design to be in toy form. I hope the price is right.

  5. Matty's Avatar Matty says

    The year of the 3rd party products...

    Idk if I am interested, but I'll follow it.

  6. blue death's Avatar blue death says

    looks cool but if its not a decent size and at least as complex as WFC Soundwave I'll probably pass.

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