Transformers Animated Arcee Head and Gun Kit


There’s a new Transformers upgrade kit in the works. This time out, it is for Transformers Animated Arcee. The “ARX-01 Polaris” set consists of a new, Generation 1 styled head and a handgun for Animated Arcee. The look is a bit incongruous with the look of the smooth, stylized Animated Arcee – but it is not completely wrong and might help make Animated Arcee gel with a Classics collection. There are also Blurr / Chromia and Elita-1 versions pictured, although they might be custom versions to show the potential of the set. These images come courtesy of TOYNIRVANA.COM.

You can preorder the kit from our sponsors Big Bad Toy Store. It is $34.99, although judging by the images, it is probably painted resin, which goes some way to explain the cost.

Also be sure to check out this video of the set:

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  1. Blasterpwns's Avatar Blasterpwns says

    This is probably for the people who desperately need a G1 Arcee fill in.

    So I suspect a pass for 98% of the fans.

  2. Sammael's Avatar Sammael says

    Originally Posted by panzerjedi View Post
    But it won't look animated anymore.

  3. wildfly's Avatar wildfly says

    Unless Generations Arcee turns out pretty lacking, they're late.

  4. Crown has no avatar! Crown says

    Probably won't need this if Generations Arcee is really on the way, But if she isn't this could do. Just need to see better pics.

  5. Cheem The Rup's Avatar Cheem The Rup says

    Originally Posted by MegaMoonMan View Post
    $35 for a head and gun is fail.
    lol They learned very well the crazydevy lesson probably

  6. shibamura_prime's Avatar shibamura_prime says

    The headsculpt looks pretty good from such a blurry picture. But I think I'll wait and see what Hasbro has in store for us.

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