Prototype Images of Generations Warpath


A Japanese Transformers News Blog has discovered some images recently registered at the Japan patent office by Tomy. The images look like they are models or prototypes of the rumored Generations Warpath figure! Take a look at all the images after the jump.

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  1. Airspeed's Avatar Airspeed says

    That looks great, can't wait for colour pics of the robot mode.

  2. Erector's Avatar Erector says

    Are they proto pics or are they renders from a computer programme?

    Either way, looking good!

  3. Rogzilla's Avatar Rogzilla says

    You know, I tried so hard not to get into Classics and freaking Generations and RTS has me getting into it.


  4. Miggytron's Avatar Miggytron says

    Amazing! So much detail on that mold! Robot mode looks great from all angles. The head is a little flatter than I expected but still great

  5. theestampede's Avatar theestampede says

    looks cool, though I'll admit that there are a number of little design decisions I'm not fond of.

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