Reveal the Shield Demolition Rumble, Bodyblock and Downshift


Some new in package images have appeared on Yahoo Japan auctions of what we can safely say are the next wave of three Reveal the Shield Scouts. These new images show front and back of package images of Demolition Rumble, Downshift and Bodyblock, revealing that they are Decepticon, Autobot and Autobot respectively. Does this mean that Deep Dive, the recolor Bodyblock is colored to match with, will also be an Autobot? Well, possibly not, given that Strafe and Sunspot are Autobot and Decepticon respectively, while also being colored to match each other.

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  1. Beastbot X's Avatar Beastbot X says

    Dang, he's an Autobot. Which probably means Deep Dive is an Autobot too. We need more Decepticons!!

  2. Maverick Hunter Christian's Avatar Maverick Hunter Christian says

    Originally Posted by Beastbot X View Post
    Dang, he's an Autobot. Which probably means Deep Dive is an Autobot too. We need more Decepticons!!
    Not necessarily. See Strafe and Sunspot.

    But I do agree. Reveal the Shield thus far has a staggeringly disproportionate number of Autobots.

  3. Thundershot's Avatar Thundershot says

    I called it when we first saw him

    Does anyone have Deep Dive yet? I just assumed he was a con, but I don't recall anyone with one saying yet...

  4. muffinhunter has no avatar! muffinhunter says

    Has it been settled yet whether or not Rumble and Frenzy combine in any way? Wasn't that the early talk? I haven't really seen anything to support that lately...

  5. Grimlock_13's Avatar Grimlock_13 says

    Well since it's RtS it won't have any faction symbols. Peel off the rubsign, get some Reprolabels and poof! Decepticon.

  6. Sso02V's Avatar Sso02V says

    Another Autobot? What do they think this is, Marvel Crossovers? Where all the badguys at?

  7. RedAlert Rescue has no avatar! RedAlert Rescue says

    If Breacher's repaint is an Autobot then any third one they release better be a Decepticon or I will sulk.

    Pity as the colours looks like they might be fun with Deep Dive...

    I think if Hasbro drop below 1/3rd of what they release being a Decepticon then they are failing... and actually going against their own established product template - this isn't Batman this is a Civil War.

    Has anyone actually crunched the numbers yet - if it's really really bad I may have to write & complain.

  8. Grimwing's Avatar Grimwing says

    lugnut rumble and Cyclonus vs. Everybody else.

    It would'nt be so disappointing if the mainline wasn't focused around those rub symbols and the entertainment of revealing the faction your figure.

    legends megatron will lead us to victory.

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