Masterpiece Rodimus Newer Images

Masterpiece-Rodimus-Transformer-05 has posted all new images of Masterpiece Rodimus Convoy, out of box! The images show the following:

  • Limited edition coin
  • Battle station
  • Retractable visor for Hot Rod
  • Matrix
  • Opening matrix chamber
Check out the newest images after the jump!

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  1. Transbot90210's Avatar Transbot90210 says

    I don;t think the matrix has ever been shown in Rodimus.

    Nice find and nice pics.

  2. slugslinger2004's Avatar slugslinger2004 says

    As awesome as those pics are, I'm still undecided upon whether or not to cancel my preorder. The lack of pics focusing on the trailer are making me lean towards the Hasbro version.

  3. Batman's Avatar Batman says

    Everything about him looks so good. I love the spoiler and the colors. The wait is killing me.

  4. ArmadaJetPrime's Avatar ArmadaJetPrime says

    Masterpiece says it all! I cant wait to see what the MP-1L Final Edition Optimus is gonna look like with all of its bells and whistles that are still unknown but I sure hope it includes the trailer WITH roller or issue a new and improved trailer seperatley.

    Originally Posted by miscreant View Post
    Good luck with that.
    Well im sure it would'nt include the trailer for the price they're asking but im betting they will reissue an updated version of the trailer seperatly or a Final Edition with the trailer for a higher price.

  5. primal primus's Avatar primal primus says

    Originally Posted by Batman View Post
    Everything about him looks so good. I love the spoiler and the colors. The wait is killing me.
    Oficially, you have the best username ever.

    Talking 'bout the figure, I can't believe toy enginering (engeneering? I don't know, my grammar sucks) Has come to this level. This masterpiece will show us everyting Takara can give out at the moment. It is unfortunate that I will never get it.

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