Reveal the Shield Battle in Space Set Released


Need a last minute Christmas present for that one Transformers fan you know who already has everything out there? What you need is a new release! And 2005 Boards member CommanderPrime delivers the goods with this news of the first US retail sighting of the Reveal the Shield Battle in Space two pack. This two pack contains Rodimus and Cyclonus, only slightly altered from their Challenge at Cybertron releases by the addition of rubsigns. It also features an exclusive comic book! It was sighted at a Meijers store in Michigan.

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  1. CommanderPrime's Avatar CommanderPrime says

    I picked up RtS Rdoimus vs. Cyclonus today! Found at Meijer! Only one there!

    RtS Battle In Space set out!-mms_picture.jpg

    RtS Battle In Space set out!-mmt_picture.jpg

  2. Autovolt 127's Avatar Autovolt 127 says

    Looks like we're going toy hunting.......

    *puts on glasses*


  3. Jlogano20 has no avatar! Jlogano20 says

    damn no meijers around need to find at walmart kmart tru target ANYWHERE !!

  4. havanowoncheese's Avatar havanowoncheese says

    Let the hunt begin! MUST HAVE SET! This way i can get a better Cyclonus and my current Cyclonus can be And His Armada

  5. Angelwave's Avatar Angelwave says

    Originally Posted by art2614 View Post
    So I guess this is a Target exclusive? is not an exclusive.

    This is great though.....I was actually wondering if this set or Generations Scourge and Kup were going to surprise people by X-Mas Eve.

  6. all are dead's Avatar all are dead says

    Dammit, Already on the Hunt again.... Well atleast i dont have to order it on BBTS like i was planning after X-mas and there are 2 Meijer in 5-10 miles of me, so it shouldn't be an issue to find it. For once it pays off to have Meijer! Last time it paid off was the Rodimus and Wheelie Legends wave from Universe....


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