New Prototype Images of TFCLUB Not-Scavenger & Not-Hook


Although many of us still have hopes of seeing a return of Generation 1 combiners, the closest we have gotten to a Classics release of Devastator was found in the 5 team Energon gestalt. Some third party accessory makers have centered on upgrading the old G1 Robo-Smasher victims, TFClub seems to be heading on a different direction. Pictured after the jump are some new images from their new Not-Constructicon line of figures: Not-Scavenger and Not-Hook. Maybe in the future we will finally see a Gravedigger, Hauler, or maybe a Hightower, giving us all the true architects of Crystal City.

*Update: New combined Not-Devastator upper torso images added*

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  1. Beastbot X's Avatar Beastbot X says

    It cannot be reiterated enough: This will be so incredibly awesome.

  2. sodawilly's Avatar sodawilly says

    These just keep getting better with every new picture....... Where's the preorder?!?


    - Gregg

  3. SPLIT LIP's Avatar SPLIT LIP says

    Hot damn, these guys look great, especially Not-Scavenger's robot mode and Not-Hook's crane mode. (with a string cable, pretty slick)

  4. General Tekno's Avatar General Tekno says

    Originally Posted by Beastbot X View Post
    It cannot be reiterated enough: This will be so incredibly awesome.

  5. robowarrior's Avatar robowarrior says

    As good as it's getting with this set, I can only imagine what the price quote will be...

  6. Chaos Convoy's Avatar Chaos Convoy says

    I just hope the final versions have better matching green and purple plastics between the robots. Because the colors are different enough to annoy me a bit. Not enough that it's a deal breaker, but just enough to bug me.

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