Generations Scourge And Kup Retooled Repaints


Thanks to instruction PDF’s obtained via Hasbro, we now have a look at the new head sculpts made for upcoming repainted/retooled figures using the bodies of Scourge and Kup from Transformers Generations! The identities of these upcoming figures are currently unknown.

Check out the new head sculpts after the jump!

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  1. Jarodimus's Avatar Jarodimus says

    Leozack? Cool, but that won't make for a big difference in colors from Scourge.

  2. Valkysas's Avatar Valkysas says

    Helmet reminds me of the Breastforce dudes. Like, it kind of has eye details on the top. Yeah, looks like Leozack.

  3. Jarodimus's Avatar Jarodimus says

    I think the new Kup head could be a rendition of Gears.

    It's not Electro, that's for sure.

  4. mikeyfuzz's Avatar mikeyfuzz says

    Im glad someone can guess what these are, I cant make them out.

    Edit: witht the picture update, now I see what everyone is talking about. Leozack....hell yeah!

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