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2005 boards member Venksta has shared with us his work in progress(WIP) images of his upcoming upgrade parts for Darkwind from Transformers Universe Classics 2.0, which lets the figure go beyond being a mere repaint of Silverbolt. Yet there’s more than meets the eye to this upgrade set, as the head is not the only thing planned:

So far I only have a rough head made. The head will have a light up visor. I’m thinking of doing two visors for him. One purple and one red.

He’ll have updated guns based on the G1 version. And a powermaster is being planned, along with other things.

More images of Venksta’s ambitious upgrade after the jump!

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  1. Venksta's Avatar Venksta says

    Update: Please read before attempting to contact me!

    Final photos are below of the casted RF-005 Darkwind upgrade kit. Still deciding on the final name of the kit.

    The kit is in production, and I already began going through the waiting list to take orders. I am no longer taking names for the waiting list. There are over 200 people on there. I'm reserving the rest of the kits for my website, for those that are not on the board. People have had over 4 months to get on the list. If you didn't get on the list, keep an eye out on the website and the Facebook page on when they will go up for sale.

    Here are two important details everyone has to be aware of:

    The grey color on the guns and helmet will not be 100% matched to the toy. This is impossible with my limited resources. However, it will be close as possible. For the most part, it won’t be very noticeable, based on test castings.

    There is a QC issue you must be aware of. Once the helmet is attached, there is a gap between the two parts. I’ve done my best so far to figure out a solution to fix this, but haven’t found any to date. You can see this issue in one of the photos. It might be possible to close the gap by gluing the helmet. One of the reasons this gap occurs is because the screw is higher up, to accommodate the LED in the neck joint. If I had access to smaller screws, I might have been able to fix this issue for sure. But it’s not certain really. I’ve shown the finished head to several TF fans/collectors. Their reaction is mixed. So I expect the same from all of you online. I feel for display purpose, the gap won’t be an issue. But if you will be playing with the toy, you might notice it a lot, when viewing from the side. I will try to see if I can fix it before shipping, but I can not guarantee anything.
    Remember, I sell my items as garage kits. So even if some people feel they have a factory finish, their merely model kits for you to further work on, if needed. And issues like the above, could be fixed easily, if you have some customization skills.

    It might take me awhile to get through the waiting list. So please be patient, and don't contact me, as my PM box gets swamped easily. Also, please be patient for replies to PM. There are tons of things I'm working on, especially to bring to BotCon. So your patience is appreciated.

  2. Terrorcon_King's Avatar Terrorcon_King says


    I just wish i could find one at a decent price on ebay or TFW =(

    Just amazing!!
    how a new head can make a difference!! cant wait to see the powermaster and the other stuff!

  3. ORIO's Avatar ORIO says

    I want to preorder NOW.

    Looks badass Venksta! Keep up the great work!!!

  4. barrelks's Avatar barrelks says

    Amazing start, when you announced this, I looked at my Darkwind and thought the Silverbolt head fit the mold pretty damn well, but this turned out really well, amazing work again Venksta. Love how you are making all these molds unique, put me down for a set.

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