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TFClub (registration required) posted some new images of some of their upcoming custom Transformers items. On show is the TFC-EX05 Primars, the superdeformed Optimus Prime toy, this time with a faceplate. Joining him is an image of the TFC-EX06 Custom Devastator’s right arm, plus the now-named Headmaster Optimus Prime and Soundwave figures. These two are to be called “Junkion Blacksmith” 01 and 02, and are modeled on their Generation 1 incarnations, with Headmaster heads based on their classic heads as well as classic style robot and vehicle modes. Only the unpainted heads are seen this time out, so check out our earlier coverage for more information. Also on show are the “Targetroids”, the Targetmaster versions of these. They take classic characters and have them turn from robots into guns. Shown so far are Optimus Prime, Megatron, Rodimus and Starscream.

Please remember these are all unofficial custom pieces, and as such are not officially licensed or safety tested by Hasbro or Takara-Tomy.

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  1. Tekmen's Avatar Tekmen says

    From a post on TFCLUB TFCLUB Խ㳡4¥չʾȫ£ - νо (вͬ ּ) - νTFCLUB ν|ν˰ - Powered by Discuz!

    There's a showcase featuring some 3rd party goodness.

    Fansproject TFX-04/05 the Rodimus upgrade-kit with a Targetmaster
    MMC KM-02 Annihilator Black Ver. of the Loco-Prime
    TFC-006 - clear version of the Starscream cororation set

    These are old news, I know

    but how about Junkion Blacksmith JB-01 and JB-02 - The Headmasters?

    We didn't know their names, did we?

    TFC EX-004 Targetroids


    They look much better than Hasbro's legends~ but all transform to guns, instead of vehicles.

    TFC Primars - SD style Prime with full paint job

    TFC EX-006 - TFCLUB's original Devastator's arm

  2. thedreaded1's Avatar thedreaded1 says

    Cant see them, not a member. Can somebody mirror them please.

  3. thielmj's Avatar thielmj says

    protector,devastator, and the target masters are definate buys for me just wish we had releases for alot of those items

  4. destrongerlupus's Avatar destrongerlupus says

    Gah I want to see even clearer pics of the Head and Target masters! But pretty cool seeing thse pics of them, great find!

  5. nemisispringer's Avatar nemisispringer says

    That devs arm looks amazing

    I recon the idea is if you have classics or energon devs you can slap him on there for now but were going to get a new contructicon evrey so often from tfclub

  6. theestampede's Avatar theestampede says

    so many things I want, but prices will probably prevent me from getting any of it.

  7. Prime Evil's Avatar Prime Evil says

    Wow, I'm surprised that I'm liking those targetmasters of G1 characters.

  8. Trailbreaker77's Avatar Trailbreaker77 says

    Wow that Dev arm is a lot bigger than what I expected it to be.

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