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Variety has posted their review of Transformers PRIME, which premieres tomorrow, on Black Friday! Though the design influence from the movies made it to the character designs(some), what didn’t follow were other characteristics of the movies. Here’s some of what Variety had to say:

As no-brainers go, a Transformers TV show on the Hub — welding Hasbro’s popular toy line into its cable co-venture with Discovery — ranks down there with making a sequel to the first movie. Yet the product of that assembly line, “Transformers Prime,” proves unexpectedly sharp — better than the movies (admittedly damnation with faint praise), thanks to the arresting CGI animation, which proves especially well-suited to rendering shiny robots and their vehicular alter egos. There’s nothing more than meets the eye here, but what does appear is a plenty entertaining addition to this well-oiled moneymaking machine.

For those of you worried that the show would be kiddified and dumbed down, there’s more than meets the eye after the jump! Part of the advantage of TV animation — as “Star Wars” fans have discovered with Lucasfilm’s “The Clone Wars” series for Cartoon Network, which is essentially this show’s stepfather — is that the half-hour format deftly skates over thudding dialogue and limp plotting, while emphasizing peddle-to-the-metal (literally, in this case) action.

So this “Transformers” doesn’t pussyfoot around much with plot: The Autobots led by Optimus Prime (voiced by Peter Cullen) encounter a trio of kids, fear the evil robots led by Megatron (Frank Welker) are going to overrun the Earth, and spend the remaining time racing around, battling and blowing stuff up.

More on the mature feel of the show:

Like “Clone Wars,” moreover, the steady flow of mayhem (which includes “bleeding” oil), robot torture (think Gearhead Gitmo) and even snippets of dialogue (“Bite me.”) characterize this as aimed more toward older kids and teens than younger tykes, although if they happen to catch the bug too, one suspects Hasbro won’t be heartbroken. (Alas, there’s no animated Megan Fox for, er, considerably older kids.)

The wait will soon be over, and we’ll get to see for ourselves!

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  1. Mr. Sparklebot's Avatar Mr. Sparklebot says

    Good to hear that I can expect good things from the show. Now, bring it on!

  2. bellpeppers's Avatar bellpeppers says

    ... aimed more toward older kids and teens than younger tykes...
    Wow. Could I dare hope that we have finally received a dignified Transformers show that I won't feel embarrassed to watch- one that might actually appeal to me?

  3. Smokescreen's Avatar Smokescreen says

    I absolutely cannot wait for this. Sounds like it'll be a blast.

  4. Shin Densetsu's Avatar Shin Densetsu says

    TF PRIME is looking and sounding considerably better than what I saw during the 1st few trailers. I hope we are in for a treat. I didn't like the prequel GN that much but the story was decent.

    I found Clone Wars to be better than all 3 Star Wars prequel movies, so I think there is a chance that TF PRIME surpasses the movie writers' work on Bay's movies. By almost all accounts, after ROTF last year, this can't be a bad thing.

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