Wheeljack, Rumble, Frenzy, Scourge, Generation 2 Optimus Prime Images


E-Hobby have updated their pages for the upcoming Transformers United Wheeljack, Rumble & Frenzy, Grapple, Scourge and Generation 2 Optimus Prime. For the most part these images are just higher-resolution versions of what we have previously seen, however others such as Rumble / Frenzy are brand new. Check out our mirror of these images by clicking on the title of this story – among the new images is our clearest look yet at Wheeljack and Frenzy / Rumble’s arms in piledriver mode.

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  1. Weirdwolf's Avatar Weirdwolf says

    Liking Rumble & Frenzy despite the "chicken legs" syndrome they appear to have.

  2. Sammael's Avatar Sammael says

    OTOH, I've really tried to like the Frenzy/Rumble mold, but I can't stand it. Pretty much everything about it is wrong.

  3. Bogatan's Avatar Bogatan says

    Wheeljack is pretty much confirmed as my favourite of this batch, Frenzy and Rumble look like good toys not sure how great a Rumble and Frenzy though. My doubts about Scourge continue, but I do love the alt mode. Prime weird but I want it. Grappel continues to look good.

  4. BraveMax's Avatar BraveMax says

    The more I see Frumble, the more I'm kind of "enh" about it. I'll probably pick it up - especially if there's some sort of combining gimmick - but only because I'm being a little completist about classics-style toys.

  5. Fort Max's Avatar Fort Max says

    Scourge looks great now, can't wait to get him. Wheeljack, G2 Prime and Grapple are all good. Rumble is interesting, I can see why peeps are divided on it but I like it, it looks like a fun toy.

  6. Deceptigtar's Avatar Deceptigtar says

    so wait there is going to be a seperate frenzy and rumble right?

    looks like it will be the same figure. one blue and one red probably. cause it looks like you can either have it transformed with the hammers or the laser "guns". i think they are both the same.

  7. QuinJester's Avatar QuinJester says

    Frumble reminds me of the micromaster Half-Track. Interestingly, he was a combiner in vehicle mode (also, one of the few micromasters I had as a kid, so nostalgia++).

  8. Murasame's Avatar Murasame says

    So, Optimus frontwindows are transparent while his sidewindows are opaque? o_O

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