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Check out some new images of Transformers United / Transformers Generations figures. Coming from Amazon Japan as updates for the United line over there, we now have a good look at Generations Kup, along with a slew of other early G1 homages including Perceptor, Tracks, Jazz, and Wreck Gar! Rounding it out are Lugnut and Straxus from Takara/Tomy.

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  1. tackertackle's Avatar tackertackle says

    From Amazon JP listings

    robot mode, robot mode, vehicle mode

    robot mode, vehicle mode, vehicle mode(speakers deployed)

    robot mode, vehicle mode, flight mode

    robot mode, up close, vehicle mode

    robot mode, robot mode, vehicle mode

    All annotations in pics mean "This is overseas product's photo. Domestic(Japanese) product differs".

    UN-10 STRAXUS (takaratomy ver.)
    robot mode, self-propelled artillery mode, battle station mode

    UN-14 DECEPTICON LUGNUT (takaratomy ver.)
    robot mode, up close(he has five eyes!), vehicle mode

    Minor informations from product descriptions.

    UN-20 RUMBLE & FRENZY(no image)
    -Their alternate modes are compact tanks. It is not clear whether "compact" describes size of toy or actual tank.
    -They can deploy (or be attached?) piledrivers. In description, it called hammer arm mode.
    -Frenzy is blue, Rumble is red/black                               in UNITED line.

    UN-19 WHEELJACK(no image)
    -Needless to say, he transforms into rally car.

  2. Goshjosh95's Avatar Goshjosh95 says

    Finally, a good look at Kup & Perceptor!

    Also, I'm thinking I need to hold out for the Takara version of Lugnut, to get that nice purple animated paint deco.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Liege Prime's Avatar Liege Prime says

    Kup looks excellent, though I am guessing the tires aren't properly placed?

  4. thedrknss48's Avatar thedrknss48 says

    Not bad at all.

    The wallet is already crying. 2011 is gonna be a busy year....

  5. wildfly's Avatar wildfly says

    Not sure what to think about Kup.

    Animated Lugnut just looks so much more 'authentic' than the Hasbro verison.

    Lack of G1 style flames on Tracks is a minor disappointment.... and i'd somehow hoped for more chrome, or at least silver, on Wreckgar.

  6. Repugnus's Avatar Repugnus says

    I'm really digging Kup, except for his wheel kibble sticking out of his back. Hopefully that's either mistransformed, or that there'll be some alternate way to tuck them away into a less conspicuous place.

    Also, I appreciate Hasbro's effort to give Tracks a flying car mode, but man, those wings look distinctly non-wing-like when folded out like that. Don't get me wrong, I still plan on snagging that figure as soon as it's released, but it's just a shame the flight mode doesn't look better.


    i can wait to get my hands on kup. he has been worth the wait!

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