Transformers Reveal the Shield Turbo Tracks Pictorial Review


Well it’s Saturday and with it comes a nice surprise (and no, it’s not me actually posting something.) Red Leader (TFW Supporter, owner of Kapow Toys, and all around nice chap) has splurged a bit on the bay of E and garnished a new Reveal the Shield Turbo Tracks which he has been so kind as to review for us today.

A bit of unfortunate news as he reports that it cannot do a flying car mode due to the placement of the wings. Otherwise this figure looks to be a near identical, more poseable, update to the G1 character.

Click on the title to see all of Red Leaders pictures and read his full impressions of the figure!

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  1. Red leader's Avatar Red leader says

    Couldnt resist as total sucker for G1 so nabbed this off ebay - super nice figure if your a geewuner, okay figure if your not.

    Transformation is nice and simple much like the original, boot flips up and arms fold out, legs pull down and flip round at the waist, the head and shoulders extend out of the body via a little automorph gimmick where you push the roof top upwards. The wings fold out of the door panels therefore no flight mode for tracks, the missiles also unclip from under the door and clip back onto the shoulder mounts.

    Articulation is good, knees and hips dont have much range of movement and the bulky upper body stops the arms crossing over the chest area, all said though its a solid 6/10 and a worthy addition to your modern G1 collection.

    Reveal the Shield Turbo Tracks-012.jpg

    Reveal the Shield Turbo Tracks-013.jpg

    Reveal the Shield Turbo Tracks-014.jpg

    Reveal the Shield Turbo Tracks-015.jpg

    Reveal the Shield Turbo Tracks-016.jpg

    Reveal the Shield Turbo Tracks-018.jpg

    Reveal the Shield Turbo Tracks-019.jpg

    Reveal the Shield Turbo Tracks-020.jpg

    Reveal the Shield Turbo Tracks-021.jpg

    Reveal the Shield Turbo Tracks-022.jpg

  2. thenatureboywoo's Avatar thenatureboywoo says

    The car looks 200% better here than any of the previous looks I've seen. Thanks for the pics man.

  3. Toxicon has no avatar! Toxicon says

    I can't wait for this guy!

    By the way, Red, you getting Thunderwing any time soon?

  4. Deceptigtar's Avatar Deceptigtar says

    hes got a backpack and a front pack. looks like you just snap the car in half and done.

    i hate most autobot figs anways.


  5. Tirade's Avatar Tirade says

    Just a 6/10? Ouch. Seems kind of harsh. From what I've seen (and now heard), I think the biggest disappointment is no car flight mode. Other than that, I think he looks great. Not sure what else there is to complain about.

    EDIT: I don't understand all the fuss about the "backpack." I think it's a nice nod to the original figure. It has a very similar feature.

  6. exclusacon's Avatar exclusacon says

    I like this, got it preorder.....I never understood the whole backpack thing...the parts gotta go somewhere.

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