Transformers: Prime Sneak Peek Coming Soon


The day’s Sunday, 10.10.10 and the Time’s 4:30PM. Remember the “Hub Sneak Peek” listed on the two day schedule we saw earlier? That Sneak Peek is for Transformers: Prime and G. I. Joe: Renegades.

Transformers: Prime is not seen on the first 2 days of programming. But, hopefully we’ll get a good look at it on Sunday 2010/10/10 at 4:30PM. On listings, the preview show is named Hub Sneak: G.I. Joe Renegades & Transformers Prime.

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  1. Fit For natalie's Avatar Fit For natalie says

    Unless I'm reading that incorrectly, it's probably 15 minutes each for both series.

  2. Prowl's Avatar Prowl says

    IT might even be less, but it's a devoted preview, vs a HUB only preview. It might be 5 minutes for Prime and 17 minutes for Gi Joe, but Prime is in the title. But true, if a mod wants to remove the 30 so it's not as misleading, please do so.

  3. Prowl's Avatar Prowl says

    I pushed the record button as soon as I saw it, so it's set for record on my Uverse.

  4. Transbot90210's Avatar Transbot90210 says

    Oh how I hope TF: Prime is on par to Star Wars Clone Wars.

    We know nothing of this series so we may be stumbling up on the best TF show ever.

    Here is to HOPE!


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